Online learning combine face-to-face classroom learning with online technology

Online Learning/Hybrid

Southwestern Michigan College has combined the best features of face-to-face classroom learning with online technology to form its hybrid courses. Hybrid courses are classes in which a significant portion of the learning activities occur online, as well as in the classroom and through independent study and research.

Online Self-Assessment

To succeed in a hybrid course, you must be comfortable using computers and learning new software packages. It is hard to keep up in an online course if you are not reasonably skilled at using a web browser and email communication. Under Helpful Links, read Are you prepared for online learning?

Students should take the Online Self-Assessment Quiz prior to signing up for a hybrid class so that they are truly aware of what the class format is, their responsibilities, and what tools will be necessary for this type of learning experience. View the Online Self-Assessment Quiz under Helpful Links.

Please note that the Online Self-Assessment requires the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in to view.