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Fall Choral Concert features special CMU guest

A coloratura soprano is an operatic voice that specializes in agile runs, leaps and trills.

Wallenda focuses on SMC Wednesday

In a 2017 Washington Post profile Wallenda shrugged off the danger. “The casualty rate of driving cars is much greater than tightrope walkers,” Wallenda said. “You just have to be careful about what you do.”

SMC, IUSB tackle invasive species together

Joint service day participants split into three groups — counters, determining the number of species within a two-foot-square grid, moving around the habitat; pullers, removing the purplish invasive species spotted knapweed; and hackers armed with loppers and saws, cutting invasive woody species crowding out prairie species and increasing tick habitat.

SMC Fall Band Concert Friday

A highlight of the Fall Band Concert will be works of art created by SMC art students inspired by two selections performed by the Symphonic Band. It is the culmination of a collaborative project between visual arts and music where students listen to the selections, then under the guidance of SMC art instructors the students respond to these selections through their art.

‘Visionary’ sculpture dedicated to Dr. Fred L. Mathews

“My father’s vision from the very beginning was that this be much more than access to vocational education. Of course we offer auto mechanics, welding, construction and robotics, but he thought that to be a ‘real college,’ it had to be physically laid out like one and with a firm commitment to the arts, whether instrumental music, choral music or fine arts — which is remarkable because he was neither artistic or musical himself,” SMC President Dr. David Mathews said.

SMC offering two ‘Roadrunner Days’ during November

Once registration opens next spring for Fall Semester 2019, “We’ll have a series of orientation options to help students enroll and take care of everything,” O’Brien said.

Chemical Bank awards PTK's Roadrunner Kitchen $5,000

“If you have students going hungry, how in the world can you expect them to concentrate on class?” Obren said. “Learning is not a priority if you’re hungry.”

Renowned magician headlines new fall variety show

At this year’s World Championship of Magic in Busan, South Korea, MacDonald cracked the top 10. He also successfully stumped Penn and Teller on their television show, “Fool Us,” with a cash-cloning mirror illusion. The world championships are like the Olympics of magic with 47 countries competing.

Honor society thanks trustees for freezer

Forty-two percent of community college students struggle to get adequate food.

SMC Art Gallery exhibits Berrien artist collective

“Purity,” a cocoon of recycled canvas, hand-made ropes and saltcellar sticks, stands twice as tall as Zona and flows onto the floor like a wedding-dress train.