Press Releases

Community responds to Welcome Week

"I have never seen a more excited, exuberant bunch of young people. They were so happy to be there helping us and we were just as happy to have them.”

SMC Art Gallery spotlights collection curation

One set of images on one wall “are literally the 3D design classes’ trash, though so many people have come in and said these over-sprays from spray-painting parts and pieces are awesome,” said student gallery assistant Faith White of Niles. “It’s all about the context of being in the gallery and how they’re displayed.”

Renaissance Faire completes Welcome Week

“One of the first things you do when you start with our group is create a character,” said Haven, the jaunty seasonal French pirate.

SMC agriculture scholarship recipients meet Mrs. Wuszke

“All three of you, do your best. That’s all I can ask,” said Wuszke, who visited with the students and MSU coordinator Stacey Rocklin by the grape vines alongside the greenhouse on SMC’s Dowagiac campus.