High school students can earn college credit before graduation.

Early College

High school students are required to have written permission from their high school counselor or principal. Students under 16 years of age are required to obtain permission from their parents or legal guardian. If you wish to take college courses while you are still in high school, ask your counselor to sign the Enrollment Authorization form.

High school students can earn college credit even though they have not yet graduated from high school through Southwestern Michigan College’s Early College Program. There are several opportunities for high school students to get a jump start on their college education and impact their future.

In addition, opportunities exist for home schooled students to earn college credits that also count for high school graduation. Home schooled students may also participate in the transfer courses for dual enrollment credit.

Academy Program

The Academy Program provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to participate in several occupational studies offered at SMC. High school juniors and seniors must meet the academic requirements.

Direct Credit

Direct Credit courses are high school courses that are eligible for college credit and meet high school requirements. The courses are taught by high school teachers at the respective high school the student attends.

Dual Enrollment

Designed for eligible high school students, the Dual Enrollment Program offers students the opportunity to enroll in college courses at one of the SMC campuses. The college course may be used for credit at both the high school and college level. Consult your high school guidance counselor and/or SMC’s Coordinator of Early College programs.