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Student Success

Southwestern Michigan College students continue to demonstrate a strong success rate both as SMC students and upon transfer to a four-year university.

Students rank in the top 10% nationally for course success according to the National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP). The project is a sampling of performance data from more than 250 community colleges from around the country.

Regionally, our students continue to demonstrate a strong student success rate when they transfer to Western Michigan University or Ferris State University.

On average, SMC graduates who transfer to Western Michigan University earn a higher grade-point average at Western, demonstrating they consistently outperform students who began their education at WMU.

Similar data from Ferris State University shows that our students who transferred to Ferris earned a significantly higher GPA than Ferris students in general.

Western Michigan University
SMC Graduate WMU Students
3.06 GPA 2.93 GPA
Ferris State University
SMC Graduates Ferris Students
3.32 GPA 3.11 GPA

Statistics for the 2015-2016 academic year