Is an SMC Degree Worth It?


College is a huge investment, and you are right to question whether it is the right move for you financially.
While one could debate the return on earning a degree the traditional four-year route, there is evidence that earning an associate degree is a worthy investment.
For starters, associate degrees are much more affordable than bachelor's degrees, so you aren't investing as much, and there is less risk. They can also save you a ton of money if you do decide to earn a bachelor's degree, as they can serve as the first two years of a bachelor's degree.
Also consider these facts:

  • Associate degree holders earn significantly more money over their lifetime than high school graduates.
  • Unemployment rates for associate degree holders are lower than unemployment rates among high school graduates.
  • Those with associate degrees in technical fields often out-earn bachelor's degree holders.
  • Earning an associate degree establishes credibility. It shows potential employers that you have the training to fulfill a job's responsibilities. It's a solid credential you can use to gain a good job while you finish a bachelor's degree or if you decide not to continue.


  • Most SMC programs require internships. When you graduate from SMC, you won't just leave with a degree; you will have practical experience that is invaluable to the job search.
  • 100% of recent SMC School of Nursing and Health Services grads are employed in their field, meaning your chances of profitable employment after graduating from one of those programs is even greater.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." We agree—but it pays even better when the investment is made less costly by an associate degree.
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