Current Projects

"Building Healthy Futures"
Nursing and Health Education Building Renovation Project

The Board of Trustees' most recent initiative was the renovation and expansion of the Nursing and Health Education Building. This project was the culmination of years of efforts by the board working with legislators in Lansing to secure $4 million in state funding for the $9.6 million project.

The new facilities allow us to attract and accept more students into our health programs, add new degrees and certificates, hire more faculty, and better prepare students for the demands of the health care industry. We are also better able to accommodate the needs of the local hospitals and health care professionals who use SMC as a training and meeting site.

The Nursing and Health Education Building opened in January 2019.

Lighting Updates in the Theatre in the Dale A. Lyons Building

Phase one of a three-phase update to the lighting in the theatre was recently completed, bringing 14 new LED spotlights. The new lights are safer, cooler and 90 percent more efficient than the old incandescent bulbs, which will save the college money over time. They will also allow theatre directors to quickly change lighting during performances, adding more variety to shows.

Art Gallery Renovation

SMC recently renovated the art gallery in the Dale A. Lyons Building, which included moving a wall to create a larger gallery.

The new floor plan will allow the gallery to be used as a more flexible learning space for students in all fields of study, including the Honors Program, while also functioning as an arts-based incubator to promote emerging artists and to help develop trans-disciplinary projects at the college.

The renovation was a group effort among college administration, maintenance personnel, and visual arts faculty, who worked together for over a year to find the best balance of modern aesthetic and lighting in the most fiscally responsible manner.

The public is welcome to browse the gallery free of charge.