Associate in applied science in construction trades green technology

Construction Trades Green Technology


Learn everything you need to know to build a house from the ground up while also gaining relevant business skills and resume-worthy experience.

As one of only seven schools in the country to offer the Certified Green Professional (CGP) exam, the Construction Trades Green Technology program at SMC emphasizes building efficient, “green” structures.

About the Construction Trades Program

SMC offers both an Associate in Applied Science and a Certificate in Construction Trades Green Technology. The program is built in three phases: certificate phase, associate degree phase and bachelor’s degree phase.

The certificate phase is the ‘hands-on’ phase in which students will spend one year learning construction techniques and code issues and applying their skills in a community construction project such as building a house for Habitat for Humanity or building cabins for a boy scout camp. Students may choose to end their education after attaining the certificate. They will be qualified for jobs as general construction workers.

Phase two of the program is the Associate in Applied Science in Construction Trades Green Technology. During this phase, the student learns the science behind construction techniques and the business aspects of contracting. The associate degree qualifies students for jobs as a contractor, safety inspector or crew leader.

The optional third phase is transferring to Ferris State University or another four-year institution for a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. A bachelor’s in construction prepares students for commercial work as project superintendents, project managers, project engineers or owner’s representative.

Students also have the opportunity to take the National Association of Home Builder’s exam to be a Certified Green Professional (CGP). SMC is one of only seven schools in the country to offer this nationally recognized certification. The CGP designation is a highly distinguished credential that shows a person’s qualification to build efficient homes without driving up the cost of construction.

About the Construction Trades Degree

As a graduate of the CTGT program, you will be fully prepared to build a house from the ground up.

You’ll begin by getting a solid introduction into the construction field with courses that will teach you the basics about safety, construction tools, foundations, framing, roofing, Green Building, construction math, print reading and more.

Next, you will build on this knowledge with more in-depth studies, learning the logistics of laying foundations while considering soil types, using welding torches to brace foundations, building flooring systems and stairways, and installing interior and exterior finishes such as drywall, paint, windows and doors, siding, floor coverings and cabinetry.

You’ll round out your skills with courses in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, solar technology and green building, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CAD), designing and planning and energy use and conservation analysis.

You will also learn the business aspects of the construction industry. You’ll learn how to prepare a bid, estimate and control costs, schedule projects, procure materials, maintain records, manage a crew and maintain REScheck, Michigan Unified Energy Code and International Energy Conservation Code compliance. Courses in English, math, technical writing, and public speaking will train you to become a well-rounded construction professional.

Over the course of the whole program you will be applying the education you get in the classroom to real-world projects, both in our state-of-the-art construction lab and in the community project such as building houses for Habitat for Humanity. The required internship will give you resume-worthy experience and lay a solid foundation for your career after graduation.

Why Construction Trades at SMC?

  • Students learn hands-on from day one both in the lab and at real work sites.
  • All students complete internships, many of which are paid positions.
  • Focus on green building; don’t just learn how to build a house, but learn how to build an efficient house.
  • State-of-the-art lab with advanced technology including a Blower Door Apparatus for testing an existing home’s energy efficiency and Department of Energy Software for determining the energy efficiency of new homes.
  • All instructors are professionals with many years experience working in the construction industry.
  • One of only seven schools in the country to offer the Certified Green Professional (CGP) exam.

Career Options & Salaries
Carpenter:           $46,590
Construction and Building Inspector:           $59,700
Construction Equipment Operator:           $46,990
Construction Laborer:           $34,810
Construction Manager:           $93,370
Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installer:           $45,180
2018 median pay. Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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