Elementary Education Degrees

Elementary Education Degree


Earn your degree in elementary education at Southwestern Michigan College and save thousands.

Complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at SMC’s low tuition rate to save up to 50% or more on your degree.

About the Elementary Education Degree

Southwestern Michigan College offers two ways to earn your bachelor’s degree in elementary education, the general track and the Ferris transfer track.

The Ferris transfer track allows students to complete a full bachelor’s degree in elementary education on SMC’s Dowagiac campus through Ferris State University. Students take SMC classes for the first two years to earn an associate degree in elementary education, and then take a combination of Ferris classes and additional SMC classes at SMC to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Ferris State University.

The general track is for students who plan on transferring to a school other than Ferris. It can serve as the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at almost any school in the country.

Interested students can take EDUC 101-Introduction to the Profession of Teaching their first semester to explore education pathways, learn more about the field and refine career goals.

About the Ferris Elementary Education Program at SMC

Ferris State University’s elementary education program is designed to provide a balanced blend of theory and practice.

Students can obtain certification to teach kindergarten through fifth grade and grades 6-8 in minor subjects.

Throughout the Ferris program, students complete at least 570 hours in a variety of hands-on, field-based experiences in the K-8 classroom.

A background in state-of-the-art educational technology prepares students to integrate computer technology into instruction.

Ferris State’s elementary education program requires completion of two elementary education minors to give students a broad academic base in language arts, math or science. Students can also add a third minor in early childhood education to earn a ZS endorsement. The ZS endorsement is a specialty area for elementary teachers to obtain expertise working with young children from birth through third grade. It adds additional knowledge in early development of children, brain research and practices specific to the 0-8 age group and is very attractive to potential employers.

Students choosing the early childhood minor have the benefit of observation and internship in the Tri-County Headstart classroom that operates on SMC’s campus.

Learn more about the Ferris Dowagiac program.

Career Options & Salaries
Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers:           $57,980
Preschool Teachers:           $29,780
2018 median pay. Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

Earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary education on our Dowagiac campus through our partnership with Ferris State University.

The Ferris Dowagiac program can result in big savings, as students take a large portion of SMC classes paying our low tuition rate and put those classes directly toward a Ferris degree. Plus, out-of-state students can pay Ferris’ in-state tuition. Click the link above to learn more.

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