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Restricted Endowed Donors

No student will receive more than two listed scholarships per award year. Additional restrictions for individual scholarships are listed in parentheses.

    (Open to Freshman and Sophomore Applicants)

    1. Automotive Technology
      • Kevin Matthews Memorial
    2. Business
      • Marsh Bostwick School of Business
      • Virginia Ann Barnett Rhynard Memorial Scholarship (Computer-centered curriculum)
    3. Conservation/Agriculture/Life Science
      • Community Grange #1675 (Cass County farm youth)
      • Dowagiac Conservation Club (Cass County resident)
      • Lance A. Purchaser Scholarship Fund
      • Van Buren Sportsman Club Endowment Scholarship Fund (Van Buren County resident)
      • Cass County Pheasants Forever Conservation Scholarship (Cass County resident)
      • Keith & Darlene McKenzie Family Endowment (Cass, Berrien, or St. Joseph, MI County resident)
    4. Education
      • Virginia Ann Barnett Rhynard Memorial
      • Bea & Jim Judd Endowment
      • Orion H. Flowers Endowment
      • Edith Alice Sullivan Endowment
    5. Robotics/Mechatronics/Engineering/Pre-Engineering
      • David Behnke Memorial Fund
      • Glen I. Berry and Richard Meisterheim Drafting and Pre-Engineering
      • Francis M. "Butch" Bowsman Scholarship Fund
      • Mike and Shirley Dreher
      • James A. Milne Memorial Scholarship
      • Charles R. Smith Memorial Scholarship (Cass County resident, Mechatronics)
      • Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
    6. Visual and Performing Arts
      • Dale A. and Doris M. Lyons Memorial
      • Donald Miller Memorial Fund (Cass County resident; art or music major)
      • Helen Behnke Memorial (theatre or music)
      • Irene O. Berry and Doloros Meisterheim Fine Arts
      • Jenny L. Matthews Memorial (3.0 GPA in high school)
      • Paul Bakeman Memorial (Cass County resident)
      • Richard Eisenbach Memorial (Cass County resident)
      • McKnight Tarwacki Music Scholarship
      • Lila Carson Scholarship
      • Ruth Sarabyn Memorial
      • The Jeffery B. and Polli M. Ryder Memorial Scholarship (graphic design/technology)
      • Latourette Family Scholarship (non-major, interest in visual arts)
    7. Tech Programs
      • Michiana RC Choppers
    8. Arts and Sciences (AA or AS Degree)
      • Richmond Kingman
      • Puppy Love Behnke Memorial (medical pre-professional)

    10. Berrien County Resident
      • Sparring for Success/Muhammad Ali
      • The Wesley L. Muth Memorial Scholarship
    11. Cass County Resident
      • AEP Scholarship Endowment (non-traditional student)
      • Beardslee Family Memorial Scholarship
      • Cass County Sheriffs Dept and Cass County Policing Endowment
      • Weaver Family Scholarship
      • Fred Dowsett/Arthur Towe Endowment Fund
      • James T. File Memorial
      • Edith and Duane Powell Memorial
      • Cecil Kirby Memorial Fund (Sister Lakes area resident, 3.0 GPA)
      • The Law Enforcement and Corrections Endowment
      • Hope's Door Scholarship (female head of household, documented financial need)
    12. Ross Beatty High School Graduate (Cassopolis)
      • Wellington Jones Family Scholarship
      • Jeanne Jourdan Endowment
      • North Shore of Diamond Lake Endowment
      • Swartz/Jourdan Daughters Endowment
      • Mark A. Westrate Endowment
      • Edward & Maria Jones Family Endowment
    13. Dowagiac Resident/Graduate
      • Dowagiac Business and Professional Women's Association (Business major)
      • Harold Franklin Memorial Scholarship
      • Peninsular Lodge #10
      • Rev. Henry C. and Dr. Jean Smith Memorial Scholarship
      • Dr. Fred and Thelda Mathews Endowment Fund (Visual or performing arts major)
      • Jack S. and Eleanor Paul Memorial
    14. Marcellus High School Graduate
      • David and Darlene Carlton Memorial
      • Cordell and Kay Jones Endowed Scholarship
    15. Niles Resident or High School Graduate
      • Dr. Harold and Margaret Huff Memorial
      • Marian and Cecil Moyser Endowment
      • William and Mary Kelly Family Scholarship
    16. Brandywine High School Graduate
      • Ryan A. Hartman Memorial Scholarship (medical or education)
    17. Keeler Township Resident
      • Frank Wysocki Memorial Scholarship
    18. Berrien Springs High School Graduate
      • Bruce Zech Scholarship Fund

    20. Students with Disabilities
      • Renate Randall Scholarship
      • Terry Randall Scholarship
    21. Students Previously in Foster Care
      • Mr. and Mrs. William Hassinger Scholarship
    22. Southwestern Michigan Assn of Realtors Scholarship
      • REALTOR or Affiliate of SMAR
      • Family of SMAR member
    23. Students with financial need
      • Arlene Ahrens Memorial Scholarship
    24. Leadership Experience and Skill
      • The Newport Family Endowment-Presidential Leadership Award
    25. St. Gabriel's Legacy Endowment

      (Open to students with 26 or more earned SMC credits)

    27. Nursing
      • Dan J. Brosnan Memorial (Dowagiac Union High School graduate)
      • Erma Lilly Nursing
      • Fred and Ann Dean Scholarship Endowment (Cassopolis High School graduate)
      • Jack and Doris Ryder Memorial
      • John L. and Dorothy S. Reed Memorial
      • Louise White Endowed Nursing Scholarship
      • Lyell and Nita Wooster Scholarship for Excellence in Learning (Dowagiac Union High School graduate, 3.0 GPA)
      • Marilyn Nave Memorial
      • SMC Nursing Endowment
      • Twin Lakes Fire and Ambulance Scholarship Fund (Wayne Twp. Resident, EMT/Allied Health)
      • J. Whitman File and Helen File Memorial Scholarship
      • Jacqueline Powers Memorial (non-traditional student)
    28. Any Curriculum
      • Katherine Haas Memorial (Cass County resident; 2.8 GPA at SMC)
      • Steven C. Briegel Memorial (3.0 GPA at SMC)
      • Dowagiac Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund (graduate of a high school in Cass County)
    29. Accounting
      • The C. H. Ott Accounting Scholarship
      • Gordon D. Robinson Endowment (Cass County resident)
    30. Automotive Technology
      • Edward Bitantis Scholarship Memorial
    31. Visual and Performing Arts
      • Dowagiac Art Guild (Dowagiac Union High School graduate and resident)

In addition to the endowed scholarships offered through this application, numerous additional endowments and scholarships totaling many thousands of dollars are provided by area residents, faculty and staff, and other sources. The money from these funds is administered by the Financial Aid office in a variety of ways to ensure access to Southwestern Michigan College.

The following is only a partial listing, but Southwestern Michigan College would like to extend special recognition and appreciation to these contributors in acknowledging these Endowment and Foundation Scholarships:

  • 19th Century Club
  • Amersdorfer Memorial Scholarship
  • Anonymous Memorial Scholarships
  • Burt and Virginia Atkinson Memorial Scholarship
  • Adeline Bender Memorial Scholarship
  • Gregory Bombrys Memorial Scholarship
  • Marsh Bostwick Memorial Scholarship
  • Edna Carlson Memorial Scholarship
  • W. Churchill Memorial Fund
  • David and Julie Cook Scholarship Fund
  • James & Virginia Crawford Family Endowment
  • Evan W. & Ruth I. Curtis Endowment
  • Edna Daresh Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenneth E. Dehring Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dowagiac Police Officers Scholarship
  • Patricia Randall Eustice Endowment
  • Exchange Club of Dowagiac Scholarship
  • Farmers Cooperative Foundation Scholarship
  • Everett Freeland Endowment Fund
  • Senator Harry Gast Endowed Scholarship
  • John Gressell Endowment
  • Martha Hale Memorial Scholarship
  • James T. File Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas F. and Jodi L. Jerdon Endowment
  • Ethel R. Jones Endowment
  • A.C. Kairis Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard Kaiser Memorial Scholarship
  • Iven Kincheloe Memorial Scholarship
  • Richmond T. Kingman Memorial Scholarship
  • Jean Ledman Memorial Scholarship
  • Cressy Family Endowment Fund
  • Robert Mater Memorial Scholarship
  • Janet Mathews Memorial Scholarship
  • National Management Association of Cass County Scholarship
    • Dr. Robert Neff Memorial Scholarship
    • Julianne Newhouse Memorial Scholarship
    • Father William P. D. O’Leary Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Michael J. and Vicki A. O'Neil Family Scholarship
    • The Olejniczak Family Memorial Scholarship
    • Israel and Rae Oppenheim Memorial Scholarship
    • Nora V. Pasco Memorial Scholarship
    • Dr. Jashu and Ila Patel Family Scholarship
    • Duane and Edith Powell Memorial Scholarship
    • Max and Kate Pugsley Memorial Scholarship
    • Redner Scholarship
    • Patricia A. Riley-Shurte Memorial Scholarship
    • Leslye and Bob Runkle Scholarship Fund
    • Keith and Betty Russom Memorial Scholarship
    • St. Denys Foundation Scholarship
    • Ruth Sarabyn Memorial Scholarship
    • Harry and Mildred Shannon Memorial Scholarship
    • John and Sonja Smith Endowment Fund
    • Marion Snell Memorial Scholarship
    • A. Bruce and Ada M. Springsteen Scholarship
    • Wayne K. Stovern Memorial Scholarship
    • David Taylor and Mary Ann Crete Scholarship
    • Gula Thatcher Estate Scholarship
    • Matt Weid Memorial Scholarship
    • Hon. Fred B. and Ina Hunter Wells Memorial Scholarship
    • Darrin Williams Memorial Scholarship
    • David Wilson Memorial Scholarship
    • C. Wimberley Endowment