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Private Scholarships

Students at Southwestern Michigan College can receive scholarships from outside sources such as high schools, community organizations, employers and other scholarship programs.

SMC’s Financial Aid Office regularly receives notification of outside scholarship opportunities. These scholarships have their own application process, requirements and deadlines. Links to these private scholarships are added to the list below on a regular basis, and it is recommended that students watch this area of our website for updates.

The Department of Education offers an educational resource about outside scholarships, which can be found here. For additional resources, feel free to check out and

A Note About Outside Scholarships

In order for a student to have an outside scholarship awarded on their account, the organization must send a check to SMC. A student can also be tentatively awarded an outside scholarship if we receive a letter from the organization specifying the recipient of the scholarship without a check included. Our office will send a reminder to the student if we have not received a check two weeks prior to disbursement. Any outside scholarship checks still not received by the disbursement date will be removed from the student’s account until a check is received by SMC.

Private Scholarships