Flex forward with new evening and online programs at SMC's Niles Campus

Flex Forward


Programs at SMC’s Niles Campus

Move your life in the right direction with convenient evening and online-hybrid degree programs designed to fit your schedule and help you earn a degree while working.

FlexForward Programs

Business Degree

Earn your associate degree in business to advance in a career in finance, marketing, economics, human resources and more. After completing the associate degree, you can continue towards a bachelor’s degree in business on our Dowagiac campus through Ferris State University.

Criminal Justice Degree

A degree in criminal justice can help you move ahead in law enforcement, investigation, forensics, law, corrections and security. This hands-on CJ program also ladders directly into the Ferris State University criminal justice bachelor’s degree program offered on the Dowagiac campus.

Health Information Technology Degree

Update your skills and prepare for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification exam with the only accredited HIT program in the region. This program is perfect for records or insurance professionals looking for career advancement—and many healthcare employers will reimburse the tuition costs!

Associate in Arts Degree (General Studies)

Not sure what you want to do? Get started on an Associate in Arts degree to complete foundational coursework while exploring career options.

Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship Certificate

Get the skills you need to run a small business or to move up in the workplace. Learn how to manage people, set and stay on budget, keep good records, develop a marketing strategy, see and plan for “the big picture” and more!

Classes are held Tuesday nights on SMC’s Niles Campus in an accelerated 8-week format, allowing you to complete the program in just 12-14 months. Classes start every eight weeks, so you can begin the program at any time.

What's an online-hybrid course?

Online-hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds: Meet with instructors and classmates on-campus just once a week, and do the rest of the coursework online on your schedule.

Contact the Niles Student Service Center to get started.

Niles Campus Student Service Center
33890 US Hwy 12
Niles, MI 49120
(800) 456-8675, ext. 4811
Mon.-Thu., 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.