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Alumni Plaza Clay Pavers

Alumni Plaza

This online form can also be used to purchase an engraved clay paver on the Alumni Plaza. You have three options for the location of your clay payer on the plaza – (A) Upper Plaza, (B) Lower Plaza, or (K1) the Ring of Fire. Click on the link to see the layout of the Alumni Plaza and examples. Maximum of 15 Characters Per Line.

If you would like to purchase an engraved limestone band, an engraved bronze commemorative marker, a garden, or landscaping item, please contact the director of development at or by calling 269.782-1301. Prices for clay pavers and limestone bands are subject to change.

Content to Appear on Your Paver

Fill in as many lines and characters per line as allowed for purchase selection. Upper Plaza pavers have three lines; Lower Plaza pavers have two lines; the Ring of Fire paver has two lines plus a third line that is pre-engraved with the words “Fire Up!” All punctuation and spaces are considered characters.

If you want more than one engraved clay paver, make your initial selection and after you click the Add to cart button, use the Continue Shopping link to add additional items.

Printing of your engraved paver will be done exactly as provided, so carefully review all text.

Engraved Pavers


Payment Process: SMC offers credit card payments utilizing a PayPal account, debit or credit card. Although it may appear that PayPal is the only option on the Checkout screen, additional options will become apparent before you complete your order.

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