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Dr. Scott Topping
Dean of School of Arts & Sciences
Phone: 800-456-8675, ext. 1249

Southwestern Michigan College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Engineering Technology. Graduates with an associate’s degree often continue on to complete a bachelor’s degree.

This degree is designed to ladder into three different bachelor’s degree options in engineering technology at Western Michigan University – Engineering Graphics and Design Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, or Engineering Management Technology.

In addition, students can take a number of courses in math and/or science to apply towards an General Associate in Science (AS) degree. The AS degree can be used to transfer to a four-year program where the student would concentrate in an area of study.

For example, SMC is one of five community colleges that have teamed up with WMU for its Manufacturing Engineering program. See the link below. If you are interested in the WMU Manufacturing Engineering program, contact Andrew Dohm at 269-782-1255 or via email at

Other areas of study could include but are not limited to a baccalaureate degree in:

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