Press Releases

SMC hosts 80 high schoolers for Ag Day career exploration

Students sniffed lemon grass, a tropical perennial, and sampled peppery arugula while touring the SMC greenhouse for Ag Day with Stacey Rocklin, MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology program coordinator. Obscured in the raised bed by large broccoli plants are romaine lettuce, carrots, onions and kale.

SMC raising tuition 1.9% for FY 2020

Trustees also heard a presentation by Vice President of Student Services Dr. Joseph Odenwald about positive strides made in student retention, which increased 2.3 percent from fall to spring compared to the previous year. Fall retention for first-time students at any college increased 7.8 percent — a five-year high.

Brianna Perrin accepted for Disney internship

Band and choir are a stress-relieving hobby for Perrin, who plays bass and contrabass clarinets and taught herself to play ukulele because “my hands are too small for guitar.”

‘Sweeney Todd’ opens Feb. 28

“This will be our first show since we upgraded the theatre with LED and motorized lights,” Marcus Roll said. “Our maintenance department built our steel chair, our 3-D design class is building 65 percent of our props and another art class is coming in to draw the set. It’s a wonderful way to work across departments.”

Patent examiner speaking March 11 on fear of failing

At the age of 18, just after high school, Park was jailed for being homeless in the French Quarter of New Orleans, then spent parts of the next year traveling on a Greyhound bus or hitchhiking and living in abandoned buildings.  

SMC sets two nursing and health information sessions

The first session takes place Tuesday, Feb. 19, from 5 to 7 p.m., with the second offered Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1 to 3 p.m.

New SMC degree harnesses entrepreneurial spirit

“These are two very exciting sets of opportunities for SMC students,” President Dr. David Mathews said.

SMC Art Gallery displays Fischer Dance video installation

“I worked hard and made a lot of strategic choices along the way. Small steps moving in the direction of things that interest and excite me and staying committed to that vision made Fischer Dance possible. Five years ago I wasn’t trying to go to grad school, I just wanted to make dances in South Bend, where I lived.”