Press Releases

Atkinson awarded five-year service pin

Atkinson was Dowagiac Director of Public Safety for three years and Chief of Police for 14 years.

SMC Board reviews summer, previews fall engagement strategies

Odenwald listed onboarding efficiently, a resourceful spirit, major fluency, community to impact and capstone connection like a pyramid reminiscent of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in psychology.

SMC hosts 230 for STEM Camp

Randy Flory, information technology instructor, disassembled a computer, spread its guts across a table and removed the side from a second machine “so you can see how it all fits together when it’s running.” Flory two years ago used a 3D printer to make a chess set. Each plastic piece took four hours. Flory also printed drone propeller guards. “They now have confectionary 3D printers that can print a chocolate fidget spinner. They are also printing concrete houses,” he said.