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Students studying for jobs yet to be invented

Wardlaw, a 1980 Union High School graduate whose “journey to creativity started here in Dowagiac,” the night before heard Round Oak Revisited’s ghost stories at Philo’s. “One was about the Dewey Lake monster,” he said. “We used to challenge everyone to walk alone down Swisher Street.”

Head Start center opens at SMC

Paw Paw-based Tri-County Head Start serves 34 students in morning (8-11:30) and afternoon (1-4:30) sessions previously housed in modular classrooms at 203 S. Paul St., Dowagiac, behind Second Baptist Church.

First lady's mentoring dinner hears author

“Emotional abuse, like a noxious gas, poisons insidiously, leaving victims unaware why they feel sick,” Leonard said. “All human beings have strengths and weaknesses. When someone in a relationship exploits their partner’s insecurities, aiming to humiliate them and fill them with shame, that is emotional abuse.”

SMC speaker series features Jim Wardlaw

From 1995 to 2007, he served as CEO/principal of Publicom Inc., a full-service marketing communications firm in East Lansing that specialized in service brand management for clients throughout the Midwest.

McLoughlin Family Foundation funds $50,000 nursing classroom

Earl Marhanka founded the family’s business, K&M Machine-Fabricating Inc., in 1951. Southwestern Gate, the Jon Rush sculpture welcoming visitors to the Dowagiac campus on Cherry Grove Road, was a gift from Earl and Helen Marhanka. Earl Marhanka was one of SMC Foundation’s first board members appointed Jan. 14, 1971, and served as its second president.

SMC open house Oct. 14

“Managing College Costs,” with tips for making the experience more affordable, takes place at 10:30 a.m.

Check out the library in the art gallery

“That makes libraries active spaces. Search and browsing are different activities. Browsing in a library is a tactile experience of touching something and an olfactory experience of smelling books. Whenever I take a book home, my dog smells it like she knows something I don’t.”

Chorllennium debuts Oct. 14

Chorllennium is a professional choral collective comprised of the area’s top educators and singers with extensive vocal training.

Dahn's Destination was Panama

Besides getting certified for open-water scuba diving, Dahn cleaned beaches and helped at a sea turtle site in San San, Panama.