Press Releases

Nursing project on target

“I am very excited SMC has chosen to place a high priority on supporting our health care training programs,” said Trustee Dr. Heidi Grabemeyer-Layman. “Simulation training in the new labs will help our students to be better equipped to provide safe and effective care. The construction of the new Nursing and Health Education building will help to ensure that our students continue to receive a high-quality education, preparing them to become integral parts of our local health care teams."

22 inducted into Alpha Beta Gamma

Using color-coded candles symbolizing the ideals of Alpha Beta Gamma, ​initiates Victoria Knight, Ileona Geroux and Sandy Hernandez spoke on the qualities of scholarship (gold), leadership (red) and cooperation (white) during the ceremony April 18 in Mathews Conference Center West on SMC’s Dowagiac campus.

Construction Trades demand strong, SMC Board of Trustees hears

After high school, Carlyn McClelland earned a Michigan State University bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and worked as a probation officer. “I was one of those high school kids with a high GPA counselors pushed toward a four-year liberal arts degree. No one ever suggested construction to me.” Now she's teaching it.

SMC hosts spring choral concert April 20

“This is our second collaboration with Jim Kraus and this community of singers this year and my second time conducting this special work — the last being in 2006,” Carew said.

SMC student wins national Student Developer Champion award

“I know a lot of my peers like gaming,” Pawelski said, “but I enjoy writing software because I like solving problems. One of my hobbies is designing escape rooms.”

SMC library broadens academic connections

The former traditional hushed space occupied by tall book stacks with group study relegated to closed, windowless rooms, was transformed into a vibrant, noisier space with increased usage, landing the library in the Planning for Higher Education Journal as a “case study for creating an active library.” 

SMC launches fourth honor society

Psi Beta is the fourth honor society at SMC, joining Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma, the international community college business honor society; Sigma Psi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for community colleges; and SMC’s homegrown Honors Program as avenues for the college’s brightest students to shine academically.

Board devotes day to long-range planning

Throughout the day, trustees and senior administration discussed plans for all facets of the institution including new academic programs, student success, college life and student engagement, service to the community, and financial planning for 2018-19 and beyond.

Pell Grants available this summer

Students who take advantage of this aid for summer courses can complete degree programs more quickly, trimming overall college costs.

SMC art gallery changes into ‘Chem Lab’

Since the exhibit opened, anhydrous calcium chloride has increased in mass from 50 to 60.76.