Press Releases

Board of Trustees reviews 2019 achievements

Mathews, who retires Dec. 31 after 18 ½ years as president, covered the year’s highlights chronologically for the Board of Trustees, which voted during the meeting to extend him the honorary title of President Emeritus.

SMC graduates 23-member nursing class

Foster, who was Dean of the School of Nursing during 27 years at SMC, said, “Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 12 percent by 2028 — much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth will occur for a number of reasons, including increased emphasis on preventive care, growing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, and demand for health-care services from the baby boomer population as they live longer and more active lives.”

Students organize SMC’s Got Talent

SMC celebrated student performing arts and non-performing arts Dec. 3 with 13 live acts and artists competing for $200 in prize money thanks to sponsorship by the Diversity Committee, Sociology Club, Honors Club and Criminal Justice Club.

SMC hosts Honors Showcase in art gallery

Eighteen SMC Honors Program students presented posters and fielded questions, simulating a professional conference experience unheard of for most college freshmen and sophomores.

SMC students organize Sports Management Day

Maroney compared this experience to organizing a Special Olympics basketball tournament for six teams from Cass, Berrien and Van Buren counties last Feb 23.

SMC Spanish students hear Dominican Montessori founder

Three Mariposas, which has grown from her and 11 students to 50 students and 17 paid staff, is near the north shore known for beaches and resorts.

SMC fights flu to support student success

SMC, which won Michigan’s 2018 small-school trophy, is one of 32 schools from 15 states in the sixth annual National Alana N. Yaksich College/University Flu Vaccination Challenge. Winners will be announced Dec. 11.

Cass County sophomores attend SMC Career Awareness Day

To illustrate STEM’s breadth, students learned of some specialized jobs, such as zymologists (fermentation science), (chewing) gumologists, volcanologists, microscopic dentists, pet food tasters, flavor chemists, nasalnauts, space psychologists, fireworks designers, food scientists, laughter therapists, ethical hackers, animal therapists and snake milkers. Venom extracted is used not only in snake-bite antidotes, but also drugs for high blood pressure, heart attacks and blood clots.

SMC Board of Trustees approves faculty union agreement

“This agreement is a fair compromise for both parties. It provides reasonable pay increases and job assurances for faculty while allowing the college to remain financially strong and flexible for the future,” Chairman Thomas F. Jerdon said. “It represents good value for the citizen-owners of the College - our local taxpayers - and allows everyone at SMC to continue working together to provide affordable access to high-quality education, putting student success above everything else.”

‘Loose Ends’ showing in SMC Art Gallery

“But it’s also a spectacle,” Eakins said. “I started using more found objects in grad school, trying to reach people living in Las Vegas for three years. If I make an object, it becomes all about me and you’re excluded. If I incorporate an object, you’re coming at it from the same place I am. In Las Vegas you better grab people because if you don’t have a 17-foot glowing peacock,” they shrug. “I learned the power of spectacle working in that environment.”