Press Releases

SMC Board names Dr. Joseph Odenwald as next president

Upon approval of a contract by the Board of Trustees, Dr. Odenwald will immediately begin transition work and officially assume his duties as president on Jan. 1, 2020.

Construction trades teem with career opportunities

By 2024 the construction industry needs 900,000 new people just to keep pace with demand. “Personally, I think that’s light,” he added. “There’s a chance for you to get in on the ground floor of what’s going to be an incredible run of new construction. A third of our company of 350 people are over the age of 56 and will be retired in 10 years.”

SMC Criminal Justice wins seven trophies in Minnesota

“We also won the overall Best Spirit Award for having the best attitude and good sportsmanship of all of the teams,” Ricker said of the largest trophy.

Motivated barber ‘unlocks’ life lessons for SMC students

“Part of the path in education is helping young people to see who they are and to recognize the leader within.”

SMC's fall play, ‘The Siegel,’ Oct. 25-26

Ethan Siegel is in love. Tonight he’s going to ask Alice’s parents for her hand in marriage. Trouble is, they broke up two years ago and she’s in a serious relationship with Nelson. But Ethan is undaunted. He needs to go back to move forward.

Berlin Wall's fall remembered at SMC

“We were never allowed to call it a wall,” said Thoburn, expelled from school in eighth grade for an essay containing that word. The government demanded it be called “the anti-fascist protection rampart.”

275 attend SMC automotive ‘Green Flag Day’

“Growing up,” NAPA's Russ Paroff said, “we thought we would have (flying) cars like The Jetsons. Instead of losing the wheels from cars, we are losing drivers to autonomous vehicles.”

SMC Criminal Justice competing in Minnesota

SMC’s criminal justice program in April became the first Michigan community college with a Lambda Alpha Epsilon chapter.

Human trafficking survivor speaks at SMC

College students are especially vulnerable. “Traffickers know college students are poor, so they’re going to offer you something,” Flores said. “College students are away from home. I have a son in college. Parents aren’t calling every night to make sure you’re tucked in bed. Most roommates don’t have your parents’ phone number. If you don’t come home it might be 24 hours before they freak out.”

SMC automotive students community-minded

Donations were applied to SMC’s Auto Club, which marks its first anniversary in October.