Press Releases

SMC announces four candidates for president

The board welcomes community input on what characteristics and qualities are desired in SMC’s next president. Those with comments are invited to the next regular board meeting, scheduled at 7 p.m. on Sept. 16 in the David C. Briegel Building on the Dowagiac campus. T

Dr. Melissa Kennedy named SMC nursing dean

“In our nursing program you become a family of 40 the day you walk in the door. Crying, laughing, you experience everything together. You see people born, you see people die. It definitely takes a special person.”

Three SMC students spend five days in New York City

Karwacinski’s students write research essays every semester for Principles of Sociology, but “this was the first time we submitted them” to be chosen from more than 2,000 domestic and international papers.

SMC to save $1.4 million refinancing bonds

“Last week’s bond sale came out even better than we hoped. It’s hard to believe we’re 10 years into the student housing business. The savings will continue to allow us to replace furniture, make repairs and paint on a regular schedule and build up a long-range replacement fund.”

SMC conducting internal search for president

Jerdon also noted that Mathews’ predecessors, David C. Briegel (SMC’s fifth president, 1981-1998) and Dr. Marshall Bishop (SMC’s sixth president, 1998-2001), were also promoted from within and were excellent presidents for the institution.

Meet SMC's new band director, graphic design instructor

Director of Bands Mark Hollandsworth of St. Joseph brings 19 years of experience, including 12 in Buchanan (2014-19) and Edwardsburg (2001-08), and is no stranger to SMC.

SMC hosts Future Entrepreneurs

Seven startups —  Tea Time Tiles, Tumble and Go drink containers, Classic Auras bath bombs, Triple A Jewelry, The Paint Splash (“our rocks rock”), Doggone Dog Toys and The Bucket Brothers — made $542.25 in two hours. They considered 13 beneficiaries before voting to donate to an environmental charity to plant 542 trees.