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SMC ETS camp feels ag's broad reach

Divided into three groups of six, students switched between segments on bald eagles, macroinvertebrate sampling and watersheds and stream flow measurement. Macroinvertebrates’ presence in a waterway provides an indicator to water quality.

SMC dedicates Carole A. Tate Teaching and Learning Center

My mom loved SMC,” her daughter Lisa said. “This is where her amazing academic career began as a non-traditional part-time student. Mom would be incredibly proud to see her name associated with teaching and learning at this wonderful institution.”

Catch SMC camp's musical if you can

Public shows cap an intensive two-week camp where performers live together in an SMC residence hall while compressing what would normally take eight to 10 weeks of rehearsing. Performances take place at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday in the theatre of the Dale A. Lyons Building on SMC’s Dowagiac campus.

SMC August STEM camps full

“The camp is full, 80 students per day, with 24 on a waitlist.”

SMC refinancing bonds

The proposed refinancing of $6.3 million of bonds will save the college housing fund an estimated $48,000 annually for total savings of more than $1 million during the next 21 years.

Harvard accepts SMC graduate

She repaired and maintained helicopters, performed pre- and post-flight inspections and “crewed,” sitting in back with instrument panels, monitoring such things as hydraulic pressure. “On one flight, we took a round” that severed a hydraulic line.

SMC leadership class visits Lansing

“Even though it may seem like politicians are different than the average person, they are not," Kyle Kelly of Cassopolis said. "They lead regular lives. They struggle to balance work and home life and they can get overwhelmed with emotion while discussing ideas important to them. They are just regular people who got tired of waiting to see the change that they want.”

SMC ETS hosts Paradigm Shift camp

Neuroscience advances show the brain is more malleable than previously known. Research on brain plasticity has shown connectivity between neurons can change with experience. With practice, neural networks grow new connections, strengthen existing ones and build insulation that speeds transmission of impulses.