Press Releases

Two SMC students invited to San Francisco

“I am so very proud of our students,” Professor Dr. Barbara Karwacinski said. “Only 30 students are accepted into the Honors Program. Our students’ research essays were chosen from hundreds of national and international submissions. Abbey’s and Rebecca’s achievements represent what I believe SMC is about: intelligent, hard-working, goal-oriented students who thrive in SMC’s nurturing and high-academic-quality environment.”

SMC hosts master class with orchestra's principal flutist

Salo has been with the SMSO and the Lansing Symphony Orchestra on piccolo since 2017. Her Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) is from Michigan State University.

SMC Art Gallery turned into movie theatre

“The watershed year was 1991,” DeRose said. “We had Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Thelma and Louise, Silence of the Lambs and La Femme Nikita.” Stereotypical female roles “went out the window” in favor of “very tough, very active women characters who took things into their own hands.”

Trustees appoint Tracy Hertsel to SMC Board

Hertsel worked in Cassopolis Public Schools for 29 years.

Krueger built strong foundation starting at SMC

As project manager for Harmon, the Naperville resident recently completed Wolf Point East and began another skyscraper, Salesforce Tower.

Dombrosky presenting at symposium

David Park (1911-1960) played a seminal role in reviving figurative work in the 1950s, when New York-style abstract expressionism was the rage.

SMC celebrates Black History Month

Besides being a presidential election year, 2020 also represents a landmark year for voting rights, marking the 150th anniversary of 1870’s 15th Amendment, giving black men the right to vote after the Civil War, and the suffrage centennial of the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote.

SMC Board of Trustees sets 2020-2021 tuition rates

Michigan community colleges charged an average of $5,223 annual tuition in 2018-19. That’s the lowest tuition in the Midwest and 31st lowest in the nation, according to Community College Review.