Press Releases

Human trafficking film shows Feb. 1

SMC Criminal Justice Director Donald Ricker serves on the board of the Southwest Michigan Human Task Force, which is arranging the presentation.

Nash nursing scholarship extended

Red hair like Ronald McDonald’s inspired her nickname, which seemed fitting for the way she clowned with patients to put them at ease.

Hooks named housing director

After military service near Tacoma at Fort Lewis, Wash., including deployment to Iraq, Hooks considered law enforcement, working a year as a corrections officer.

Community college a good option whatever DeVos proposes

Most college students at public universities take six years to complete bachelor’s degrees. Only 50 of more than 580 public four-year institutions’ graduation rates exceed 50 percent.

SMC business students teach JA to second graders

“Our theme was a doughnut shop that had to buy goods to make products they sold, showing how money works in a community,” said Davis. “We brought in doughnuts the second week” to sweeten the lesson.

28 graduates pinned at nursing ceremony

Rebecca Jellison, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Services, announced Kiser received the Florence Nightingale Award from his fellow graduates.

Chairman Jerdon awarded 25-year service pin

As a real estate developer, Jerdon in 1997 created Villamere Condominiums at the east edge of Dowagiac. The single-family residential development contains 24 villa homes.

Hippology helps accounting intern

While accounting and 4-H may not seem to go hand in hand, “4-H program coordinators have to do a lot of financial stuff,” she said. Her major accomplishment was training 63 4-H volunteers in four sessions this fall on updated financial management practices and policies.

Jan Barkell joins foundation board

In 2010, she completed 40 weeks of improvisation training and graduated from The Second City. Barkell wasn’t having a midlife crisis, nor was she bidding to join “Saturday Night Live’s” cast.

Kyla Miller promotes disability awareness

“Before I had Winter, I didn’t want to go to college,” Miller said.