Press Releases

SMC retirees recognized

“After 7,000 students, Steve Jess has had a tremendous amount of impact. One I know about by accident.”

Toney presented five-year service pin

Besides her MBA, Toney is also a University of Wisconsin School of Banking graduate.

Wandel awarded 15-year service pin

She started at the college as coordinator of community service programs and currently is Excel retention specialist.

Dr. Fleming receives five-year service pin

Fleming authored 2010’s It’s All Academic.

Dr. Howell honored for 20 years

His associate degree came from Long Beach City College in his native California.

Board of Trustees reviews 2016-17 budget

There will be an open house Sept. 27 showcasing the renovation of the Daugherty Building, which converted the former science home into the communications, humanities and social sciences building. The public is invited.

31 ADN graduates pinned in ceremony

Rebecca Jellison, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Services, announced Aanal Shah received the Florence Nightingale Award determined by her fellow classmates.

Class of 2016 hears entrepreneur Kelly Rose

In 1977, the year Dr. Stephen Jess began teaching at SMC, Rose, 25, co-founded ASA Corp. He was honored as the 1994 Indiana Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year and inducted into the Recreational Vehicle/Motor Home Hall of Fame in 2002.

Girl Scouts imagine their futures

Heather Magee attended SMC from 2009-11. She started in IT, switched her major to business and transferred to Western Governors University for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “It’s the best of both worlds to have a business degree with an IT focus,” she said. “I hope I inspired the girls to think more about their future and know anything is possible.”

Stewart, Robertson win math-science awards

Brendan Stewart, whose sister, Mary Kate, won in 2014, this fall transfers to Western Michigan University as a dual math and chemistry major.