Press Releases

Comic books evolve in Native American treatment

“We’ve gone from sidekick to superhero and a completely historical depiction of a people as something in 1880 to characters who live in present-day culture while keeping some traditions."

SMC students explore Land of Lincoln

Lea Aurenz, Thomas Creameans, Lillian Haines, Abigail Harrison, Victoria Hughes, Joanne Phelps and Jay Roder joined the trip led by Professors Dr. Jeffrey and Tasha Dennis.

Schuette shines shoes for SMC

“I’ve done a little homework about the Roadrunners,” Schuette said. “Not only do you have one of the best nursing programs in America, under David’s leadership, SMC is, year after year, in the top five to 10 percent nationally in student success. That’s an incredible accomplishment for everybody, and it’s a team effort.”

32 earn nursing pins

Rebecca Jellison, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Services, said, “Today you are all closing a chapter in your lives and looking forward to the next. There’s a good reason we call these ceremonies commencement exercises. Graduation is not the end, it’s just the beginning.”

Neppach, Ardon win science awards

The third Constantine High School graduate to win in four years, Neppach started at SMC in fall 2010, left after three semesters for a two-year mission trip in Colorado for his church, then returned to SMC in the summer of 2014 to finish his associate degree. He is transferring to Western Michigan University for electrical engineering.

Elkhart students check out Notre Dame, SMC

Elkhart PEP students visit the University of Notre Dame to introduce the college experience. They also called on SMC so students could see how a community college can be part of the path to a four-year degree at a large university.

Women sweep Employee of the Year awards

SMC’s second Employee of the Year class consists of Christi Young, fulltime faculty; Bonnie Roberts, part-time faculty; Director of Library Services Colleen Welsch, staff; and library clerk Cassiddy Kendall, student worker. A new team award went to Financial Aid Director Christine Passer and her all-female staff of Carol Ostyn, Lori Collins, Danielle Lucas, Brandi Zoll, Lauren Klein, Amanda Bowyer and Erin Baumeister.

Youth Council focused on three initiatives

in Cass County from 2004-14, 14 sleep-related infant deaths occurred.

Ron Tyler recognized for 25 years of service

Ron Tyler started at SMC as a night shift custodian.

Angie Evans receives 15-year service pin

Director of Institutional Research Dr. Angie Evans is the former Director of Library Services.