Press Releases

SMC wins Chamber's ‘Shining Star’

“I immediately thought of the golf outing,” Sen. Proos said, “which happened because of the partnership with Dr. Mathews and the team at SMC. Joe saw an opportunity to help students. Eighteen years the golf outing produced $500 scholarships for 185 individuals — nearly $93,000.”

Faculty art exhibit a tribute to Terry Pfliger

A mischievous man who took humor seriously, the only child in 1999 introduced SMC to his fake foundation, the Pfliger Foundation for the Arts, run by invented siblings, twin brother David and younger sister Marlene, that awarded students toasters. “The foundation was a way to say I really liked a piece of work,” he divulged in 2010.

Students learn study strategies in Shirey's Friday workshops

“A lot of students don’t know how to study,” Shirey said. “They think they’re studying when they read and reread without realizing they’re not encoding information into long-term memory.”

The benefits of bats

The amount of agricultural pests they eat saves farmers $23 billion a year in chemical pesticides.

$7,300 Bosch grant funds SMC STEM camp

“There’s a lot of interest there and it’s a great age to tap into because of their excitement,” Dohm said. “I set up a workshop for each STEM letter to repeat each day for a new crop of students, opening it wider than (Cass County’s) four school districts.”

SMC women build momentum in construction

Construction trades instructor Larry Wilson never had more than one woman in his program until this fall. Almost a third are female — six of 20.

‘Endless opportunities’ in automotive industry

Customer service is so crucial Zolman hired a woman for her hotel hospitality background. “Just because you don’t want to be a mechanic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue automotive,” Zolman said.

Kim Gravel builds up SMC students

“There’s nothing more powerful than a woman moving in her purpose and owning who she is,” Gravel said. “You have to know your purpose to be powerful. Everybody on this planet has one. If you don’t know yours, finding out is your sole job. Not to take the best-looking selfie or to get the hottest guy.”