Press Releases

Check out the library in the art gallery

“That makes libraries active spaces. Search and browsing are different activities. Browsing in a library is a tactile experience of touching something and an olfactory experience of smelling books. Whenever I take a book home, my dog smells it like she knows something I don’t.”

Chorllennium debuts Oct. 14

Chorllennium is a professional choral collective comprised of the area’s top educators and singers with extensive vocal training.

Dahn's Destination was Panama

Besides getting certified for open-water scuba diving, Dahn cleaned beaches and helped at a sea turtle site in San San, Panama.

Marketing technologist speaks at SMC

GTB (Global Team Blue), operating 49 offices across six continents, resulted last year from rebranding Team Detroit, the Dearborn media company handling Ford Motor Co. advertising.

Sen. Proos tours Niles Campus

“Every business I drive by has a hiring sign,” Proos said. “I met with someone last week who hires 140 percent annually because of the attrition rate.”

SMC hosts College Night on Wednesday

No appointment is necessary to learn about scholarships, grants, loans and work-study opportunities.

Baker reception overflows SMC art gallery

The business faculty’s Joanne Strebeck said, “A lot of what I see here is not what I would call ‘David Baker art.’”

Randy Flory awarded five-year service pin

He owned his own IT support and training business in Glasgow, Scotland.

Navy SEAL channeled injury, despair into helping dogs

Hatch, “the only SEAL who didn’t shoot bin Laden,” previewed “The Fly Fisherman” and “The Mechanic,” who appear in his book, which Alfred A. Knopf publishes in June.

SMC stages first Renaissance Faire

Ruby Jazayre’s Sisters of the Nile include back-bending Sophia Zovich, daughter of SMC’s former international student advisor, Sarah Wilkins Zovich.