Press Releases

Business honor society inducts SMC students

Honorary membership was bestowed on Bill Rothwell, who retires this spring after teaching graphic design at SMC since 1999.

SMC immerses Niles students in STEM

Stations consisted of a plant, a pig scapula (shoulder blade), a vial of DNA, a flame, yeast, chloroplasts (conduct plant-cell photosynthesis) hydra, a resurrection plant which springs back to life when hydrated, Daphnia (an aquatic crustacean known as water fleas because of their swimming style), seeds, cork and a paper bag.

Continuous improvement drives SMC planning process

“I felt a real positive energy in the room that’s rubbing off and made me excited about what’s ahead.”

Cass County explores DEC alliance at SMC

Children of parents with substance abuse disorders have a higher likelihood of developing substance use problems themselves. Children whose parents abuse alcohol or drugs are three times more likely to be verbally, physically or sexually abused and four times more likely than other children to be neglected.

SMC gallery features glass art

The gallery in room 108 of the Dale A. Lyons Building on the Dowagiac campus will be closed during spring break April 1-5, then the annual student exhibition opens April 15.

SMC panel debates social media's influence on decency

‘Free speech’ doesn’t mean you can say anything. There are consequences. If I’m a private employer, I can fire you, even for behavior in your private life. Your right to free speech is only to not get arrested by the government.”

Young adult literature tackles serious issues

“It makes you more aware of the effect small comments have and to think twice about what you say.”

SMC graduate takes service a step further for grandma, son

A member of Dowagiac Union High School’s Class of 2000, Groth lived in Paw Paw for nine years, but moved back to Silver Creek Township in 2016. In November 2018 school board balloting, Groth won a four-year term which will see him serving his alma mater through Dec. 31, 2022.

Dr. Lisa Park explains why ‘you have to fail to succeed’ at SMC

“If you mess up, don’t say, ‘It’s just a mistake, it happens, I’m not going to do anything differently,’” said Park, based in Kansas City, Mo., as primary examiner in the battery and fuel cell category for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “Always be thoughtful and deliberate, creative and focus on the next right thing.”

SMC hosts LCISD Elementary Science Olympiad

“Events like Science Olympiad are integral to growing the minds of the children in Cass County,” LCISD Superintendent Brent Holcomb said.