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The Southwestern Michigan College Niles Campus offers pre-nursing classes, a general Associate in Arts degree, and degrees in Business and Advanced Technology. Plus we are always looking for ways to expand our course selection and provide value and convenience to you.

Associate in Arts
The Associate in Arts degree is a transfer degree designed to help a student complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. An Associate in Arts or Associate in Science from SMC meets the general requirements for many four-year colleges and universities. Because core courses in many fields are fairly standard across the country, credits transfer easily to other institutions. The Associate in Arts degree is a smart way to save money on a four-year degree.

Many four-year programs can be started at SMC. Speak with an advisor to get the details about the school and degree you’d like to transfer to.

Get a jump-start on a nursing degree by taking all your of your pre-requisite classes at the Niles Campus. Full-time students can complete the program in just one year. After completing the pre-requisite classes you can move to the Dowagiac campus to earn a nursing degree. This program is also a great way to start an education in science or allied health professions such as phlebotomy, cardiology, or anesthesia. Coursework includes introductory science classes like biology, chemistry, and human anatomy and the basic math, English, and general education courses required from every degree.

This degree can be used as the first step in a career ladder or to enable persons who are already employed to move up to a mid-level management position with their current employer. It can also be coupled with other professional skills or certificates such as SMC’s Office Assistant/Specialist certificate to allow graduates to move to management positions in those professions. Possible careers include administrative assistants, office managers, clerks, banking, marketing, and finance.

Dream of a career in law, criminal justice or crime scene investigation? Hands-on learning in simulated crime scenes, demonstrations such as SWAT and K9 drills and instruction from real professionals in SMC’s CJ program will give you all the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to pursue a career in criminal justice or for advanced study in law school. After completing the AAS in Criminal Justice on SMC’s Niles Campus, students can transfer to the Dowagiac campus to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University.

SMC is home to the only accredited Health Information Technology (HIT) program in the region. HIT is the coding, filing, securing and sharing of healthcare information. Learn more about HIT and SMC's HIT program here.

Advanced Technology

The School of Advanced Technology offers one-year certificates and two-year Associate in Applied Science degrees. Click on each program heading to view more detailed information.

Robotics Certificate and Associate in Applied Science
Mechatronics combines electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, and computer engineering to design and run robotic manufacturing equipment. A mechatronics engineer unites these fields to create a simpler, more economical, and reliable manufacturing system.

Students will learn to install, maintain, program, operate and repair robotic equipment. Subject matter covers hydraulics, pneumatics, and welding, as well as networked controllers and interactive web-based asset management.

Classrooms contain real manufacturing equipment such as live industrial robots, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Welding Technology Certificate
Welding is an important aspect of the manufacturing process. Career opportunities include: welder (MIG, TIG, stick) fitters, welding inspector, production welding, maintenance welding, welding machine setters, and set-up operators. The Welding Technology program is designed to develop marketable welding skills and includes instruction in such areas as quality control, process control, problem solving, and experience with the newest technology.

Industrial Technology
This program is for people who have a certificate but who don’t have a two-year degree. This is perfect for people who just need a degree to move up in their job, to gain advanced training, or to improve their resume.