Architect's rendering of Nursing wing renovation

Nursing and Health Services Renovations

Contact Information

Eileen M. Toney
Director of Development
Executive Director SMC Foundation
Phone: 800-456-8675, ext. 1301
Fax: 269-783-2198

In Summer 2017 SMC will break ground on a $9.6 million renovation of its nursing and health services facilities.

The renovation will expand the current nursing facilities to over 29,000 square feet, more than doubling its current size and creating much needed space for new classrooms and upgraded technology.

How You Can Help

The project is estimated to cost $9.6 million. The State of Michigan has contributed a $4 million grant to cover half the costs, and the college is providing $3 million. That leaves us with a $2.6 million need.

With the assistance of generous donors, we will be able to renovate our facilities and provide the nursing and health education that our country so desperately needs.

Please consider how you might partner with us to meet the needs of the local health care industry. A donation of any amount would be gratefully appreciated.

Giving Opportunities

Naming Level Gift Opportunity Available
Nursing and Health Education Building $1,000,000 1
Nursing Simulation Lab $250,000 0 of 1
Nursing Skills Lab $250,000 2
Student/Faculty Collaboration Area $100,000 1
Conference Room $100,000 1
History Hallway $50,000 0 of 1 available
Classroom* $50,000 2 of 8 available
Hospital Beds $10,000 11 of 20 available
TOTAL NEED $2,600,000  

*Smaller gifts can be combined for the funding of a single classroom.

Why We're Renovating

The U.S. is facing an alarming shortage of nurses. Recent estimations predict that the US will reach a shortage of 260,000 nurses by 2025. Most nursing programs in Michigan report a greater number of applicants than they are able to accept, and nearly half report not having enough clinical placement sites (which provide the crucial experience needed for students to practice the skills learned in the classroom) for all their students. Additionally, recent technological changes have created a need for updated equipment.

Renovating our facilities enables us to attract and accept more students into our health programs, add new degrees and certificates, hire more faculty and better prepare students for the demands of the health care industry with new equipment and clinical practice areas.

The renovations to the nursing building at SMC will provide the community with well-trained nurses and will prepare our students for a fulfilling career with training on all the modern technologies they will encounter on the job.

Renovation Features

  • Expanding the building to more than double the current size for a total of 29,086 square feet
  • Nine classrooms including
    • Two eight-bed skills labs
      Skills labs provide students with a place to practice skills such as inserting IVs, checking blood pressure and performing total body assessments. New nursing students spend the first eight weeks of the program in the skills lab, getting experience performing real tasks right from the start. Each skills bed will have a monitor so that students can clearly see what the instructor is doing.
    • A four-bed simulation lab
      Simulations labs are complete replications of hospital rooms. Each lab is equipped with a SimMan, a mannequin capable of emulating real-life medical conditions such as high blood pressure, throwing up, going into cardiac arrest, bleeding and giving birth. The SimMan can be programmed to respond in different ways such as complaining of pain or being a difficult patient. Simulation labs provide students with a safe learning environment in which they can go through urgent scenarios and later be briefed on their performance and what should be done differently.
    • Three debriefing rooms
    • Dedicated medical assisting classroom
      The medical assisting classroom will be designed to mimic the environment that medical assistants work in, complete with beds for clinical practice and an office area for practice performing office MA duties.
    • New CNA classroom
      SMC is home to a certified CNA testing center. The new classroom will be built to state testing center specifications and will serve as a testing site for CNAs in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana.
  • The latest health instruction technology
  • Student lounge area with workspaces for collaboration or private study
  • Enlarged faculty area that will accommodate more instructors, enhance interaction with students, and provide a conference room for faculty to collaborate with each other and to host other health professionals


Architect's Rendering of Skills Lab

Architect's Rendering of Simulation Lab


Architect's Rendering of Nursing Wing Interior

Architect's Rendering of South Entrance


Architect's 3D Rendering of Floor Plan

Architect's Rendering of Corner View