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Important Information

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Paying for College

Every parent is concerned that their child will be able to have a full college experience, without the burden of excessive debt. Southwestern Michigan College is a great choice to alleviate your concerns. At about one-third the tuition cost of a large university, most of our students are able to graduate with little or no debt and not have to compromise on getting a great education. Visit the Billing and Payments Procedures webpage.

Student Handbook

Southwestern Michigan College is committed to the highest standards of academic and ethical integrity. All members of our academic community are encouraged to promote and value an ethic of common respect and civility. SMC defines civility as the demonstration of respect for others, basic courtesy, reciprocity and behaviors that create a positive environment. See our Student Handbook to view our full expectations for student conduct.


Parents undergo a significant transformation when their son or daughter enters college. It is also a new opportunity for your son or daughter to be out on their own. Your child is now a legal adult and Southwestern Michigan College is obligated to treat them as such. With this obligation comes some special procedures of which you need to be aware.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal mandate that ensures the privacy of a student’s academic records. In a nutshell, FERPA means that you can’t access any of your child’s academic records, speak with instructors about their performance, or talk with college employees about your student’s experience on campus without a waiver signed by your child. For a waiver form, see the Student Service Center.