Student housing at the Dowagiac campus

Student Life & Housing

Student Housing kitchen and living area

Community college is anything but dull! Student clubs, intramural and extreme sports, student housing, and the Student Activity Center (SAC) keep campus thriving throughout the year. And safety is a top priority! SMC provides a safe and fun environment for your student to grow both academically and personally.

Student Housing

SMC’s spacious student housing is not like typical college dorms—your child will not spend any restless nights trying to put up with their dorm mate’s late night study habits here. Our private, two- and four- bedroom suites are fully furnished and include a kitchen with a stove, fridge, and dishwasher. All your child needs to bring is the Mac n’ Cheese.

Student Housing Bedroom

Other features:

  • Private keycard for suite entry
  • Private bedroom with keypad entry
  • On-site laundry
  • Cable and Wi-Fi access
  • Secured parking lot
  • Keycard entry to building
  • Visitor check-in at reception area
  • 24/7 on-site housing manager
  • Residential assistant on each floor
  • On-campus security
Student Activity Center & Campus Life

The college experience is about more than earning a degree. And at SMC students will find lots to do outside the classroom.

With our new on-campus housing and expanded Student Activity Center (SAC), students can enjoy the full college experience while taking advantage of our beautiful 240-acre campus.

The SAC, the hub for intramural sports, the Zollar Café, and other recreational events, features a fitness center, gymnasium, racquetball courts, endless pools, a rock wall, and a student lounge and video gaming area. The SAC also has a theatre with a large screen—perfect for Tuesday Movie night.

SMC also has campus clubs, a campus newspaper, and many campus-wide events.

Game Room in the Student Activity Center

Your child’s safety is a top priority at SMC. That’s why we have a top-notch security team in place to ensure the safest possible environment on campus.

Security highlights include:

  • Keycard entry into housing parking lot
  • Keycard entry into housing suite and bedroom
  • On-campus security patrols by area police departments
  • Private security patrol
  • Rave Security System – an instant communication system that delivers messages via email, text messaging, cell phone, and/or home phone
  • On-campus paging system that provides immediate communication regarding unexpected emergencies, such as sudden weather or violent crime threats
  • Cause for Concern anonymous incident reporting for suspicious activities