Student Services

At Southwestern Michigan College your child won’t get lost in the crowd. Beyond our small class sizes and caring instructors, we offer a number of personable services to help your child navigate all aspects of their college career.

Student Service Center

Navigating the college experience is easy with the Student Service Center (SSC). The SSC is the one-stop spot for admissions, advising, financial aid help, and general student business.

Fred L. Mathews Library at the Dowagiac campus
Fred L. Mathews Library

The Fred L. Mathews Library contains over 30,000 titles including fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. A reference librarian is always on hand to assist students in locating the resources they need for homework or personal study. As a student, your child will also have access to extensive databases and resources across the country through interlibrary loans.

The library has become a hot spot on campus for hanging out with friends, small group meetings, and study. But it’s not all fun and games—private nooks and quiet study rooms provide just the right environment for your student to hit the books.

Learning Center

The Learning Center in the Fred L. Mathews Library provides all the additional help your student may need to excel in the classroom. At the Learning Center your child can get help with research, free tutoring, learning style assessments, writing assistance, and test taking tips.

Career Planning Center at the Dowagiac campus
Career Planning Center

We don’t just want your child to succeed while he or she is here; we want them to succeed far beyond their time at SMC. The Career Planning Center has the resources and help your child will need to navigate transferring, choosing or switching majors, and selecting a career.

Food Services

The Birdfeeder is the full service cafeteria serving everything from hamburgers and pizza to salads and dessert. The Zollar Café in the Student Activities Center sells coffee, smoothies, breakfast foods, Panini’s, wraps, and more.