Psychology Degree at SMC

Psychology Degree


Start your psychology degree at Southwestern Michigan College to save up to 50% on your four-year degree!

The Associate in Arts in Psychology from SMC can serve as the first two years of a degree in psychology at almost any school in the country.

About Psychology

Psychologists study human behavior and the mind to understand why people act, think and feel the way they do. They accomplish this through scientific studies, observation, interviews, surveys and testing. Psychologists use this knowledge to diagnose and treat people with mental and behavioral disorders. They work in a variety of fields depending on their specialty, which may be in clinical, counseling, developmental, forensic, industrial-organizational, school or social psychology.

Studying psychology can also be expanded on to apply to business-related careers such as product development, marketing, human resources and more, as these fields all require an understanding of human behavior, information gathering and reasoning.

About the Psychology Degree at SMC

The Associate in Arts in Psychology equips students with a comprehensive knowledge of psychological principles through in-depth studies in human behavior, development, personality, mental health, emotion, adjustment and more. Students can explore child and family, organizational, educational and abnormal psychology. They’ll learn about research methods, clinical assessment, diagnosis, disorders, treatments and ethics and also gain valuable interviewing and counseling skills.

The curriculum is closely related to the coursework for an associate in Social Work so students can explore this closely related field as well.

Students have the option to build their own special project or to do a directed study under the guidance of faculty.

Outside the classroom, students can start or join a campus group such as Advocates for All, which organizes events to support charitable causes and raises awareness for social issues.

The Associate in Arts in Psychology can be used to transfer to almost any school in the country for a four-year degree in psychology or related fields. If you know which school you want to transfer to, SMC advisors will look at that school’s requirements and show you which classes to take for transfer to that school. If you don’t know which school you want to transfer to, advisors in the Career Planning Center will help you discover the ‘perfect fit’ school for you.

Curriculum Guide

View the curriculum guide for the Associate in Arts in Psychology at Southwestern Michigan College.

Career Options & Salaries
Psychologist:           $79,010
Social Worker:           $49,470
Postsecondary Teacher:           $78,470
School and Career Counselors:           $56,310
2018 median pay. Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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