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The AAS in social work can be used as the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in social work at almost any school in the country.


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Social Workers help people deal with challenging situations such as illness, divorce, adoption, unemployment, learning disabilities and behavior problems. They serve as a sort of liaison between the person in need and the doctors, counselors, support services or agencies that can help them get better or improve their situation. They may help children do better in school, help families apply for Medicare or food stamps, locate resources such as doctors or hospice care providers for people struggling with an illness, or intervene in child abuse cases.

Social workers work in schools, correctional facilities, hospitals, private practices, for the government or independently.



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SMC’s Social Work degree will introduce students to Social Work through comprehensive courses and fieldwork. They’ll learn how to handle settings and difficult situations social workers encounter, the history of social welfare programs, interviewing clients, rapport building, case management, and the theories and methods of the practice. Graduates with an associate degree in social work are eligible to work as assistant workers, but students are strongly encouraged to pursue advanced degrees for more opportunities.

The required internship gives you practical experience so you will be well prepared for the fieldwork you’d encounter on the job. Interns have been placed at Hope’s Door, the Department of Human Services, Goodwill, Salvation Army, SMC’s Special Populations office and more.

Some courses have fieldwork components or special projects through which you can help the local community and gain experience in the field. Recently, a student-initiated project documented the homeless in the area.

Students will also learn basic psychological and sociological principles such as man’s social nature, social structure, social psychological factors in marriage and human behavior, learning, personality, mental health, emotion and motivation.

Outside the classroom, students can start or join a campus group such as Advocates for All, which organizes events to support chartable causes and raises awareness for social issues.

Individual Course Plans

If you know which school you want to transfer to, SMC advisors will look at that school’s requirements and show you which classes to take to transfer to that school.

If you don’t know which school you want to transfer to, you can figure that out while you’re here. Career Planning Center advisors will help you discover the ‘perfect fit’ school for you. Learn more about transferring at the Career Planning Center.

Almost every bachelor’s program requires you to take general education and pre-requisite courses for the first two years. You can save a ton of money by taking those courses at SMC.

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