Sports Management

Sports Management

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Sports Management at SMC

Sports Management is a business degree specialized for managing sports- and recreation-related operations. It encompasses a variety of applications within the growing field of sports and recreation.

The Associate in Applied Science in Sports Management provides students with the knowledge and skills they need for entry level positions in facility and event management, sports and recreational programming, athletic coaching, parks and recreation, minor league sports sales and marketing, sports media and more. The degree is designed to transfer into Sports Management programs at Michigan four-year colleges and universities, which will further students’ knowledge and employment opportunities.

Students in SMC’s Sports Management program will develop professional aptitude, study basic business and management practices, and gain a solid introduction to the field of sports management. They’ll also learn skills essential for career advancement such as networking and professionalism. All students complete a practicum in which they will gain real world experience working in a sports or recreation operation. Graduates will also have levels 1-3 certification in Michigan High School Athletic Association Coaches Advancement Program.


Sports and wellness are integral parts of the SMC community. SMC’s Dowagiac campus provides many outlets for activity through the Student Activity Center (SAC) and intramural and extreme sports.

Intramural sports vary by semester but most often include basketball, volleyball, softball, flag football and soccer.

For extreme sports enthusiasts, opportunities are available for courses and trips in everything from snowboarding to white water rafting.

The SAC is the hub of fitness, wellness and intramural and extreme sports. It features a fully equipped fitness center, rock wall, gymnasium, racquetball courts and endless pools. Students can seek internships or work-study at the SAC for great experience working in a sports and recreation facility.

About Sports Management

Although SMC graduates can gain entry-level jobs in Sports Management, students are highly encouraged to pursue a bachelor’s degree to increase their career opportunities.
Sports Management is a dynamic, but highly competitive field. Career options for those with advanced Sports Management degrees include:

  • Managing professional and collegiate sports teams
  • Sales, marketing, and public relations for sports teams or agencies
  • Player coaching, scouting and representation
  • Stadium operations
  • Sports merchandising
  • Travel and event planning
  • Sports and recreation programming
  • Sports journalism
  • Field maintenance, prep, and conversion
  • Ticket sales
  • Fundraising