Groups and Organizations at SMC

Groups & Organizations

Southwestern Michigan College’s groups and organizations provide a forum for students, staff and faculty with similar interests to engage in campus life and to become active members of the SMC community.

Groups may be led by faculty, staff or students. Groups are subject to change each semester based on the amount of interest and the willingness of someone to lead and initiate the group.

Students are free to gather friends and begin groups for any of their interests. If requested, SMC will provide the assistance needed to support group activities. In order to receive funds, use SMC’s facilities, and use SMC’s webpage and social media for promotional purposes, a group/club must be open to all students and have an information card on file at the Student Activity Center. SMC reserves the right to reject proposals from and for groups for any reason. Simply contact a staff or faculty member to get started.

Currently Active Groups

Advocates for All

Advisor: Christi Young - 269-783-2106

Purpose: To broaden student horizons in the helping professions, including, but not limited to, social work, psychology, ECE, and nursing. Host guest speakers for student career exploration, organize events to support charitable causes, raise social awareness, and responsibility of students.

Agriscience Club

Advisor: Stacy Rocklin, Cheryl Rogers, Susan Coulston

Purpose: To promote and develop interest in the various areas of agriculturally related industries and organizations. The organization will provide students with leadership and professional development opportunities within the agriculture industry and beyond.

Alpha Kappa Omega

Advisor: Rachel Breden - 269-782-1346

Purpose: To give support and Christian fellowship to students of SMC, as well as enrich overall campus life by offering social activities.

Antioch Club

Advisor: Heather Day

Purpose: To create a place for fellowship, community, and worship for our Christian students on campus. It will be a time to connect with other like-minded students and recharge after a long week.

Business Club


  • Dr. Stacy Horner - 269-782-1220
  • Joanne Strebeck - 269-782-1219
  • Chip Weeks - 269-782-1216
  • Email:

Purpose: To promote and enhance students in the Business, Accounting, and Office Administration fields. The club will promote tomorrow’s work force through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technical skills.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Donald Ricker - 269-782-1392

Purpose: The CJ Club provides a space for students majoring in or interested in criminal justice to collaborate, study and train for competitions.

Sigma PSI Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa


  • Colleen Welsch - 269-782-1204
  • Natalie Anagnos - 269-782-1306
  • Email:

Purpose: Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the national honor society for community colleges and recognizes scholarship achievement. Invitation is based on students' eligibility including degree seeking 3.5 GPA and 12 or more credits in non-developmental coursework. Invitations are extended in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Members and potential members can learn more by visiting

Notice to Students: Students should be cautious when contacted by organizations that are not SMC-sponsored which indicate that they have been accepted into an honor society. These organizations may not be legitimate honor societies. Established academic honor societies have physical chapters organized through universities, colleges, and other learning institutions. SMC will monitor attempts made by groups that prey upon our students' email accounts and will try blocking domains from delivering unwanted messages. Students should, however, remain vigilant making sure that communications they respond to are in fact from Southwestern Michigan College.

Performing Arts


Purpose: To promote the appreciation of the performing arts through complete immersion in all of its many aspects. The club strives to provide opportunities to see professional caliber performances, promote music in our community, compete in musical competitions, and to provide performing and learning opportunities through band, choir and theatre.

Rock Climbing Club

Advisor: Dr. David Mathews - 269-782-1270

Purpose: To foster interest in the sport of rock climbing and teach members how to safely participate in this activity.

Sisterhood Club

Advisor: Kwajalein Dodd

Purpose: African-American women's empowerment club promoting development of positive self-image, superior academic effort, rewarding campus and community service, current event discussion forum, and preparation for life and goals beyond attainment of collegiate degrees.


Advisor: Andrew Dohm - 269-782-1255

Purpose: To foster and cultivate a student's interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and STEM careers by hands-on explorations, investigations and outreach.

The Photography Club

Advisor: - 269-783-2109

Purpose: To give students interested in photography the opportunity to continue participating in photo excursions and groups, students who have taken photography classes can be readily available to offer advice and help to non-photography students.