Student Workers

SMC Chairman, "The matter is closed."

Published on 02/6/2019

Read Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tom Jerdon's full statement here.

SMC lawsuit concludes

Published on 02/4/2019

The Michigan Court of Appeals officially granted SMC's motion to withdraw its case against the Michigan Office of the Auditor General on Jan. 17. SMC announced its intention to withdraw in early January after the enactment of two new laws clarifying that community colleges do not have to pay into the state teacher's retirement system for part-time student workers.

President Mathews said that the case was resolved "exactly the way that the college said it would."

Read the full Herald Palladium article on the matter here.

Community college student worker issue resolved

Published on 01/2/2019

On December 28, Governor Snyder signed PA 512 that ended the controversy over whether the state’s 28 community colleges should contribute to the state teachers’ retirement system for part-time students who had worked on campus.

Legislation passed in July 2018 had clarified that part-time students who work on campus as student workers should not be enrolled in the retirement system, affirming SMC's position. The question as to what should be done about the previous years of part-time community college students across the state who may have been student workers was resolved with PA 512. Each college has been notified how much it owes for the past four years in question—SMC paid its full obligation last year—and no additional penalties will be assessed, effectively ending the matter.

Read a summary of the resolution in SMC's news release.

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