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Student Success

Course success of SMC students is consistently in the top quartile (25%) of all public two-year colleges nationwide.

College Level Course Success

Source: NCCBP Form 7 (Enrollee Success Rate)


SMC is proud of the diverse mix of students served by the college.

Student Race/Ethnicity Data

Source: IPEDS Fall Enrollment & US Census (2010), American Fact Finder


SMC student persistence across academic terms is in the top 10% of all public two-year colleges nationwide.

Persistence Rate

Source: NCCBP Executive Report, 2018


SMC has demonstrated consistent improvement and continues to exceed the national average in all eight measures of student satisfaction.

Student Satisfaction Table

Note: In a normal distribution, the 75th percentile is .6745 standard deviations above the mean.

Student Satisfaction Chart

Source: Winter 2012, Spring 2015, Spring 2017 and Spring 2019 Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Surveys