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Work-Based Learning

Contact Information

Richard Reynolds
Internship Director/Business Faculty
Phone: 800-456-8675, ext. 1219

Work-based learning can be in the form of internships or apprenticeships. They can help you make career decisions, network with potential employers, select courses of study, and develop job skills relevant to future employment.


Internships are required for most SMC degree programs. These are beneficial in that they allow the student to apply the knowledge they learned in the classroom to a real job and gain work experience. Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the employer.

If you are in a program that does not require an internship but would like to do one, speak with your advisor to determine if you can earn credit for your program through an internship.

To begin an internship, students should meet with their program advisor to discuss roles that would be relevant to the student’s degree. Students will have to search and apply for internships themselves, though instructors and advisors are sometimes able to recommend openings.