Press Releases

Motivational mountaineer at SMC Feb. 11

Pioneering rock climber Arno Ilgner, appearing at Southwestern Michigan College Feb. 11, originated The Warrior’s Way, a mental training program that “helps us reclaim our power.”

College Goal Sunday Feb. 22

“Don’t be afraid if you don’t even know what questions to ask. Financial aid can be complex. We’re not going to judge you. Just say, ‘I need help. I don’t understand this.’ We’ll figure it out with you.”

2015 State of Southwestern Michigan College

In 2014's No.-1 accomplishment, SMC brought together alumni, donors, community members, faculty, staff and current students for an awesome 50th anniversary celebration in September.

Board of Trustees elects 2015-2016 officers

Trustees elected Becky Moore to follow Chairman Tom Jerdon as SMC treasurer.

Obren appointed SMC trustee

Obren remarked, "I am humbled and honored to be joining the SMC Board of Trustees. As a former SMC student and lifelong Cass County resident, I am very aware of SMC’s outstanding academic reputation and also how important SMC is to this region. SMC is one of Edwardsburg’s and Niles’ best community partners.

Jerdon elected board chairman

“As an alumnus and SMC Foundation board member, SMC has been a part of my life for a long time. My wife and I are glad to give back with my service and with our endowed scholarship. We care deeply for SMC.”

‘Dirty Dozen’ on display until Feb. 5

Southwestern Michigan College ceramics instructor Sherrie Styx recruited 12 potters — “The Dirty Dozen” — curating the first Ceramics Invitational through Feb. 5.