Graduate giving a thumbs up

Graduation and Commencement

Congratulations! The big day is almost here!

The final steps to getting your diploma are applying to graduate and then registering for commencement (if you want to participate in our ceremony).

Learn how to take these two steps below.

What You Need to Know About Graduation

Step One: Apply for Graduation

You must apply to graduate in order to receive your degree. You will not officially earn your degree until you have applied for graduation. You cannot participate in Commencement without first applying for graduation.


Applying to graduate does NOT mean that you have to participate in the Commencement ceremony; it simply alerts the Records Office that you have finished (or are near finishing) all your coursework so that they can perform a pre-audit, process the final degree requirements and send you your well-deserved degree. Similarly, applying to graduate does not reserve your spot in the Commencement ceremony; you must register for Commencement separately.

You will receive a response as to whether you have met (or will meet) the graduation requirements after the pre-audit is complete. After receiving the response, you should then register for Commencement.

The deadline to apply for graduation and be eligible to participate in the May 2024 Commencement ceremony is Friday, January 26, 2024.

Step Two: Register for Commencement

The deadline to complete the Register for Commencement form is Sunday, February 25, 2024, if you want to participate in the May 2024 Commencement ceremony. You must have already applied for graduation.


Only students who completed their degree requirements following the fall 2023 semester and students who will complete their degree requirements during the spring 2024 and summer 2024 semesters are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony on May 4, 2024.