Press Releases

SMC alumna ‘likes being able to help’

Though Hosbein graduated from Watervliet High School, growing up she attended Sister Lakes Elementary School and the new Dowagiac Middle School. She lived on Big Crooked Lake, learned to ride a unicycle and was an outdoors-loving “kid with endless energy.”

SMC sees positive enrollment trends

The Board of Trustees acknowledged Dec. 23’s death at 95 of early trustee Dorothy Brown.

SMC creating agricultural business associate degree

“Fifty to 55 percent of jobs in agriculture are in business. We don’t need everybody to be a farmer, but there are all these other things for which they need the common language of agriculture to talk to growers to help them solve problems.”

Ducking dinosaurs at SMC IT Day

Niles’ Ethan Shirk, 27, president of the Circuit Birds IT Club, “waited 10 years after I graduated high school to come to college. I’ve been building computers since I was 14, but originally wasn’t going into IT. I was looking at psychology.”

Community welcomes President Odenwald

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

SMC Art Gallery features decade of campus event posters

“There’s a lot of cool stuff happening here,” O’Brien said. “Art galleries typically feature retrospectives by one or two artists. Or, you may have a particular topic to which a few artists contribute. This exhibit is the work of dozens of interns, graphic designers and student workers over 10 years. That’s unusual, to get that many people involved in one exhibit.”

Brianna Perrin had a blast as Disney intern

Perrin sang with Select Voices Jan. 16 at the Greater Dowagiac Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours welcoming Dr. Joe Odenwald as SMC’s eighth president.

Scholarship honors Dowagiac teacher

Mrs. Jurgensen rode a camel in Egypt, went on an African safari — sleeping in a tent by the lions’ watering hole — experienced a sauna in Finland, tangoed in Argentina, ate kimchi in Korea and was game for any adventure that presented itself.

Singer segues from hitting high notes to making ripples

“I discovered my gift of songwriting in the sixth grade while walking past a tulip. The song was called, ‘I Got a Rose.’’’ Despite its dubious beginning, the tune was an instant playground hit. Tyner would go on to win several talent competitions while pursuing her bachelor’s degree at CMU. “It became my side hustle.”

SMC releases Fall 2019 honor rolls

Students honored on President’s List must earn a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale while carrying a full study load of at least 12 credits.