Press Releases

Huizenga foundation gives SMC $50,000

“Charlie has been deceased for 10 years and yet we’re still talking about him,” Scarpone said. “Ten years from now we’ll still be talking about him because he has a fantastic legacy and a fantastic story to tell.”

‘Children of Eden’ opens Friday

“Every job you have helps get you ready for the next one, even though you may not know what the next one is, so I’ll go back to New York and start auditioning again,” Travis said. “I can only hope my good standing with the show and all I learned will help me.”

SMC takes nursing message to Magician Lake

“I’m pretty jealous I’m not going to experience this amazing top-line facility. We’re going to be taking care of you, so we want the best nurses.”

Sammy Mathews dancing in NFL

Right out of college, Mathews appeared during the 2015-16 season with the Grand Rapids Drive, a Detroit Pistons minor-league affiliate.

Steve's Run July 29 at SMC

This year’s awards will be bestowed by Steve’s father, SMC President Emeritus David C. Briegel, the college’s fifth president from 1981-1998.

SMC hosts first ETS agriculture camp

Milk is trucked to Michigan Milk Producers Association’s (MPPA) Constantine processing plant to become cheese or butter. There is also a plant in Ovid. MMPA also owns a cheese plant in Middlebury, Ind. These plants employ approximately 200 people and process up to 7.4 million pounds of milk daily.

Borgess giving $10,000 to SMC nursing expansion

Ascension, a St. Louis faith-based health care organization, is the largest non-profit health system and largest Catholic health system in the United States.

MacGregor, Schmidt named to SMC Foundation board

“SMC is key to growth in this community and region. It has an incredible record of growth and success.”

CSI camp explores law enforcement careers

“Our objective when we get called out is to not have to fire a round,” Sgt. Dan Wiggins said.

Lakeland awards SMC $50,000

“With this gift, Lakeland communicates its commitment to support Southwestern Michigan College in its efforts to educate students in meeting workforce needs of hospitals and health care providers across our region.”