Loan Programs and Loan Repayment Information

When grants, scholarships, and/or student employment are not enough, student loans are an option to help pay for your education-related expenses. Below are the various student loan options provided through SMC and information about loan repayment.

Types of Loans

Federal Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loans are low-interest loans provided by the U.S. Department of Education and are part of the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Request a Direct Loan here.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

A loan for parents of a dependent student to help cover additional education expenses. Learn more about Direct PLUS Loans here. 

Private Alternative Education Loans

Educational loans offered outside of the federal government, usually through a financial institution. Learn more about private loans here.


Loan Repayment Information

Did you know that SMC is not your loan service provider?

When you borrow student loans through SMC (or any other college/university), the federal government designates a third-party loan servicer to handle the repayment process and other loan services. For more information about loan repayment, click here. For more information on your loan servicer and your aggregate federal loan debt, click here.

INCEPTIA—SMC's Official Loan Repayment Resource

To help you better understand the process of repaying loans, SMC has partnered with INCEPTIA, a non-profit organization that helps students through the loan repayment process and works with the school to help with student loan repayment resources. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

Other Repayment Resources

Loan Servicer Information

Basics of Repaying Your Loans

Repayment Plans

Payment Calculators

Exit Counseling

Loan Default Information