About Scholarships

SMC offers over 250 scholarships based on a wide range of qualifications that extend beyond academic performance. 

While we do offer many academic merit-based scholarships (including nearly a full-tuition scholarship for top performers), we also offer scholarships for those pursuing certain majors, who come from a specific community or high school, have leadership experience, and much more.

All graduating high school seniors are automatically considered for academic scholarships when they apply for admission, but other scholarships require separate applications.

Browse SMC scholarships below and apply for all the ones for which you qualify. 

SMC also accepts scholarships from outside sources. Click here to learn about private scholarships.

TIP: All students should fill out the Endowment Scholarship application. Endowed scholarships are donated by generous individuals and have various donor-specified requirements, such as being from a certain county or pursuing a certain major. Fill out this general application and we'll let you know if you qualify for any of the endowed scholarships.

Available Scholarships

Before you can apply for scholarships you must...

  • Apply to SMC
  • Request that official transcripts or GED verification from your high school and any colleges you have attended be sent to SMC
  • File the FAFSA (for need-based scholarships)

Note: You’ll need your SMC student ID number, which you received on your acceptance letter, to apply for scholarships. If you no longer have your letter and don’t remember your ID, contact First Year Experience at 269-782-1499. 

Academic Scholarships

Advanced Technology Scholarship

Athletic Scholarship

Edward A. Guse Agricultural Scholarship

Endowment Scholarships

Gap Year Merit Award

George Wuszke Memorial Agricultural Scholarship

Grady Scholars

Green to Gold Scholarship

Honors Program Scholarship

Hubert Pelham Scholarship

Indiana Merit Award

Lifelong Learner Scholarship

SW Michigan Association of REALTORS Scholarship

STEM Scholarship

Talent Scholarship

Team Scholarship