Transferring Credit to SMC

Transferring Credit From Another College

No need to retake classes you’ve already passed or in subjects you’ve already mastered! 

Transferring credit from another college to SMC is easy. Send us your official transcripts, and we’ll evaluate them to see how they transfer. 

We may award transfer credit for:

  • Coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions
  • Coursework completed at nationally accredited institutions (considered on a case by case basis)

How To Get Credit for College Coursework

  • Apply to SMC
  • Work with your institution’s records office to have official transcripts sent directly to SMC, either by U.S. Mail sent ATTN: Records or by electronic delivery to (preferred). Electronic transcripts must come from the transfer institution. Hand-delivered transcripts will only be accepted if the seal on the envelope holding the transcript has not been broken.
  • After we receive your official transcript, we will evaluate the coursework. Please note that it can take up to three weeks to evaluate your official transcripts. Once your course work is evaluated, it will be available to view through your Student Dashboard in Wired.

The Details

  • You must have applied for admission to SMC within the last two years or have attended SMC in the last two years as a credential-seeking student (degree or certificate-seeking student).
  • Credit will only be awarded for courses in which you received a 2.0 (C, not C-) or better.
  • Only credits will be transferred; grades will not be transferred, nor will they be calculated in your cumulative SMC GPA.
  • We will attempt to award equivalent credit for 200 or lower level courses; when direct equivalencies are not available, elective credit will be awarded in an appropriate academic subject. 
  • We will not evaluate 300 level or higher courses unless equivalent credit can be awarded.
  • Developmental/remedial coursework will be awarded equivalent credit if the transfer institution awards credit, except for the equivalent of SMC’s MATH 102 or lower level courses, for which math elective credit will be awarded.