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Psychology—Online Degree

Start your psychology career with an online degree from Southwestern Michigan College. You get the convenience of online programming and save up to 50% or more on your degree!

Whether you want to go into clinical psychology, helping diagnose and treat disorders, or apply psychological principles more broadly such as in forensics or organizational psychology, our online degree will prepare you to pursue your goals with expert in-depth instruction and research opportunities.

  • About the Psychology—Online Degree

    The human psyche influences how we make sense of the world, react to situations, process emotions, and interact with one another and the world around us. With the online associate degree in psychology from SMC, you’ll get a strong introduction to the science behind these mental processes and an  introduction to a variety of interest areas within psychology, including child and family, organizational, educational, and abnormal psychology.

    Just like our in-class programming, you’ll start by learning the basics of individual human behavior and getting an introduction to the scientific method as it applies to the field. Next, you’ll build on that foundation by studying social psychology, abnormal psychology, and the interest areas you choose. Through both research projects and traditional instruction, coursework will cover conformity, stereotyping, conflict and aggression, self-concept formation, clinical assessment, disorder diagnostics, treatment, and much more. At the same time, you'll complete the general education courses required by most degree programs, so you can transfer ready to jump into advanced courses in the fields you care about.

    You’ll graduate with a solid foundation in the many fields of psychology and equipped to pursue advanced studies with confidence.

    The online curriculum is closely related to the coursework for an associate in Social Work, so you can explore this closely related field as well.

    The Associate in Arts in Psychology Online is a two-year degree designed to transfer to four-year institutions for a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field. It can be adapted to transfer to almost any school in the country.

  • What You’ll Learn/Courses and Curriculum

    View the full curriculum guide for the Associate in Arts in Psychology.

    Learn more about online classes at SMC here.

  • What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?

    Psychologists study human behavior and the mind to understand why people act, think, and feel the way they do. They accomplish this through scientific studies, observation, interviews, surveys, and testing. Psychologists use this knowledge to diagnose and treat people with mental and behavioral disorders. They work in a variety of fields depending on their specialty, which may be in clinical, counseling, developmental, forensic, industrial-organizational, school, or social psychology.

    Studying psychology can also be expanded on to apply to business-related careers such as product development, marketing, human resources, and more, as these fields all require an understanding of human behavior, information gathering, and reasoning.

    The career options listed below may be attained after transferring and completing an advanced degree.

    Careers and Salaries
    Career Option Salary
    Psychologists $92,740
    Social Worker: $58,380
    Postsecondary Teacher: $84,380
    School and Career Counselors: $61,710

    2023 median pay. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics