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Science, Engineering, and Math

Science, Engineering, and Math

Start a rewarding and high-paying career in science, engineering, or mathematics with an affordable degree from SMC!

Whether you want to go into chemistry, physics, mathematics, or any of the various types of engineering, the Associate in Science in Science, Engineering, and Math will prep you with the skills you need to excel.

  • About the Science, Engineering, and Math Degree

    Science, engineering, and mathematics are the foundations of many important career paths. Scientists and engineers change the world by using innovation and creativity to invent, design, and create things that matter. They are professional problem solvers that work in teams to inspire change. It all starts with the strong background in math and science you can get at SMC.

    In this program, you’ll explore the tenants of general chemistry, performing experiments in the lab to observe the principles in action. You’ll deep-dive into advanced mathematics and discover the principles of motion, energy, and electrodynamics. The main focus is on developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. All the while, you’ll also complete the general education courses required by most degree programs so you transfer ready to jump into advanced studies in the field of your choice.

    Advanced students may take advantage of the Honors Program in which they’ll work closely with faculty to conduct research experiments. Learn more about the Honors Program here.

    The science, engineering, and math degree is a two-year degree designed to transfer to four-year schools to complete a bachelor’s degree in related fields, including math, statistics, actuary science, or civil, electrical, mechanical, or chemical engineering. Because the program is both foundational and broad, it can be used for advanced studies in related fields as well.

  • What You’ll Learn/Courses and Curriculum
  • What Can I Do With a Science, Engineering, and Math Degree?

    Science, engineering, and math are broad fields that can be applied to a number of different roles. You could use this degree to continue to advanced studies in any form of engineering, mathematics, finance, statistics, and more. You could find yourself working as a physicist for NASA, designing more efficient city systems, developing innovative new products, analyzing risks for corporations—the possibilities are nearly endless!

    Careers and Salaries
    Career OptionSalary
    Actuaries: $108,350
    Mathematicians: $92,030
    Operations Research Analysts: $84,810
    Physicists: $122,220
    Aerospace Engineers: $116,500
    Chemical Engineers: $108,770
    Civil Engineers: $87,060
    Mechanical Engineers: $88,430
    Nuclear Engineers: $113,460
    Chemists: $78,790 


William P.D. O'Leary Building


The William P.D. O’Leary Building is home to all math, science, and agriculture classes at SMC. It is equipped with SCALE-UP science labs and advanced technologies.