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Social Science

Social Science

Start your career in a humanities or social science-related field with a social science degree from Southwestern Michigan College. 

The social science degree will equip you to pursue an advanced degree in anything from anthropology and counseling to philosophy and political science.


  • About the Social Science Degree

    The humanities and social sciences are broad fields encompassing the studies of human culture, society, and behavior. From the understanding of the human psyche needed to treat mental disorders to the knowledge of the government needed for effective work in the political world, it all starts with the strong background in the social sciences you can get at SMC.

    In this program, you’ll explore the principles of sociology and psychology, developing an understanding of human behavior, perception, society, and social interactions. You’ll gain an introduction to the scientific method as it applies to the social sciences, which will prepare you well for study at the university level. A course in world religion will expose you to the diversity of beliefs that underlie many human cultures. Additional coursework in history, art, biology, and communication provides you with a well-developed world-view and fulfills the general education courses required by most degree programs, so you transfer ready to jump into advanced studies in the fields you care about.

    The curriculum provides plenty of room for elective courses, so you can adapt it to focus on the fields that interest you. You may choose to take courses in human development, popular culture, literature, language theory, film, human geography, world religion, ethics, logic, government, psychology, sociology, and more.

    The social science degree is a two-year degree designed to transfer to four-year schools to complete a bachelor’s degree in related fields, including anthropology, history, sociology, political science, psychology, and more. 

    If you know which school you want to transfer to, you can work with advisors in Transfer Resource Services to adapt your curriculum to meet that school’s requirements. If you don't know which school to transfer to, you can use the Transfer Resource Services' resources to find a good fit. 

  • What You’ll Learn

    View the full curriculum guide for the Associate in Arts in Social Science.

  • What Can I Do With a Social Science Degree?

    The humanities and social sciences are broad fields that can be applied to a number of different roles. You could find yourself lobbying for change in congress, teaching philosophy, conducting ground-breaking research in social justice--the possibilities are nearly endless!

    Careers and Salaries
    Career Option Salary
    Anthropologists and Archeologists: $63,800
    Historians: $72,890
    Political Scientists: $132,350
    Psychologists: $92,740
    Sociologists: $101,770

     2023 median pay. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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The Foster W. Daugherty Building is home to all communications, social science, and humanities classes at SMC.